Monday, April 19, 2010


One of the "SKIN STUDIES" we performed as a group was to use the laser cutter to design a pattern out of cad and implement it onto acrylic so that it had the flexibility that we were looking for. The flexible acrylic is actually used for covering a large light fixture in and commercial or educational facility. This material has an ability to flex appropriately as well as disperse the L.E.D.'s in a way that is attractive to the eye.
The skin study shown up top was composed of a teeth like pattern that when UN activated it sat flat in a zig-zag like pattern, but when activated, the skin would act like a "hedge hog" and enunciate its jagged position, so it almost reacts like a defense mechanism. The idea was so that when the wall Flex's and reacts, The skin would bestow the same type of properties that might be shown as when a human reacts and protects them self.
The design is felt to be a "life" of its own, freely "dancing" amongst it environment not intruding upon another, but once provoked, the skin is to become conscious of it's surroundings and act accordingly in a defensive manor as one might when approached by a hostile situation.

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