Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Frame of 8x8 wall

Today, I helped finish the Assembly and clad the 2 x 8 bays. So far for our final mock up, I have helped Doll with cutting up a good portion of the wiring (while watching and learning how the LED's work), worked with Doll on cutting and assembling all the bays/frames (cutting the different dimensions of lumber, checking measurements, making sure the frames are square, adding cross bracing, etc.), and worked with both of my teammates in cladding the frame (I helped with the cutting of the hardboard while they did the cladding). I also had my design trip this past week which somewhat limited me on what I could help with, however, I did do some sketches during that trip, which I will post up before the weekend when they are finished.

Our team also talked about a new proposal for the skin. We primarily descussed how these wires will 'flex', and how light will be revealed in relation to the plastic/light defuser. In this scheme, we settled on the fact that the skin will serve primarily as a diffuser, and not so much as an element that reveals light. Also, by keeping one of the wires fixed, it may help the servos flex the wire much easier as opposed to bending both sides of the wire. And lastly, the element that will flex the wires will likely be either one or a series of rounded peaces of wood that will bend and push out the skin making it flex and diffuse light in different ways.

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