Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tutorial and plastic model

This week, I did the 'lesson 1' catia tutorial. I had trouble during the seminar, so the tutorials are really helping me understand the program.

This weeks model was an attempt at making the skin have an influence on how light is perceived. Derek had the idea of using the plastic of a milk cartoon, and melt it over a form that would wave and dip creating different levels of opacity. I made the form in Rhino, made the CAD drawings, and cut it using cardboard.

The image to the left describes the process of this model. The first image is the form, followed by the contours of that shape. The shape is cut in half, contoured, and separated for CAD.

I am about to bring up the idea of using the negative of the from also as a way to create a second from. Considering we are using readily available materials, and trying to be sustainable, it is probably a good idea.

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