Wednesday, February 24, 2010

design process

This week, Doll pretty much explained what limitations we had and suggested a module we should use for the 'wall'. We brainstormed on ways plastic can connect to our structure, different ways of forming plastic, and several other ideas. Each member of our group will meet later this week with a design proposal.

Today, rather than melting plastic, I thought that platic bottles already have a shape, texture, and, to some extent, a kit of parts ex. the bottom, the middle, and top/cap to play with. Also, I thought this enhanced our project considering that we are trying to use sustainable, readily available materials, and since it eliminated any platic form making from the process. Lastly, many platic bottles have a round cilindar in the middle, and a inwardly curving top, which can make a hyperbolic paraboloid, a very simple and strong structure (look at the work of Felix Candela). This weeks challenge will be to figure out how using such a shape can be inegrated into our wall project. I will likely have another proposal that considers either its transparent or 'tensile' qualites (considering it already has a form).

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