Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital Project- Skin

Using digital Project as a 3 dimensional modeling tool our team will be able to create our "skin system" or portion there of. The program is rigourous and can be utalized in many different ways.

The system needs a concept, a driving point. The skin should have a relationship that spurs interation of some kind whether that is human or from the environment. I feel that basics of the skin need to be played out. what are some of these factors?

Just questions to be concerend with:

a humanistic space

a spatial narrative... could be anything



Experiential complexity.... triply reapeating minimal surfaces. UK Work professor showed us.

Experiment... have fun, go figure.

so complexity, simplicity, technology, materialality (one), interaction, structure...concept?

Foliage... maybe. Filtering light.

DP: Example? up top

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