Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow! Have you work with electronics much before?

This is probably the most common question I've gotten so far.

The short answer is no.

Before this class, I'd never heard of Arduino and microcontrollers before. I had always though such things were too complicated for a non computer engineer. I was very wrong. I've had a lot of experience programing websites in PHP over the years so I knew how to code so I wasn't completely starting from scratch.  Mark (our professor) loaned me an Arduino to play with during the first week of the class and things just clicked. My high school physics class rushed back to me (V=I*R, W=V*A) and I read a bunch of the tutorials on the Arduino website. I quickly became addicted. I would find myself reading about arduino's instead of working on design studio. Soon I was spending my paycheck over on sites like Sparkfun. I can say I learned more during this class than almost any other I've taken before and it definitely changed what my thesis is going to be this fall. 

I love that I majored in architecture because it touches on so many different subjects and allows a lot of freedom to explore things like Art and graphics, 3d modeling/rendering/animation to electronics and engineering. I can't wait to further explorer new ways to integrate electronics in to Architecture and the building we inhabit.

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