Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The wall system will be composed of mainly our LED lights combined with some type of responsive skin. The skin definition can be defined on many precidence. The main features of the skin is to be composed of a formulated pattern that can be derived using rhino or katia. The pattern that need be developed must be able to be assembled in a way in which it is broken down into one simple guestur or form. A single piece or element that is repedative in nature and would allow for the form to develop into a complex interperation.

The precidence or thought be hind this "pattern" or composition would be thought of in such a way as a basket weave or chain mail maybe with the main idea that the wall is completely CLOSED when flat, but inwhich it can become perforated once it response to human interaction.

The idea being that the wall has a type of hue or glow to it, but once responded, it becomes open and perforated allowing the light to penetrate.

This is turn creates a new level of dynamic with the light and a new way of experiencing the Skin.

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