Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Off and Running

Today was the first class of USF's Architecture's new digital fabrication class taught by Professor Mark Weston. Reading over the syllabus, its going to be quite a class. We only have one project in the class but its going to be huge! We are going to be creating some sort of digitally fabricated wall at 1 to 1 scale for a final size about 8 ft x 8ft. Luckily though, we are going to be working in groups. After some crazy sorting of everyone by skill level, the class got split into six groups of three. I'm in a group with Alex Rios, Derek Pirozzi. The'll be contributing to this blog as well.

To design and develop the wall it we are going to be using parametrics and some software new to our school- Rhino 3D and then CATIA. I've never used any of these before so this is going to be fun.

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